The Buyer’s Agent performs the “grunt’ work on your behalf. There are many unforseen obstacles and hidden requirements that go along with purchasing a home successfully. Our agents will help you to avoid the many potential problems that lay-in-wait. That is why is in your best interest to use a Saint Paul Realty Buyer’s Agent. We will guide you through the home buying process all the way to a successful closing and all at No Cost To You. The Seller’s agent pays the commission to the Buyer’s Agent, so you get free, professional help throughout the entire home buying process.

Your Saint Paul Realty Buyer’s Agents will do the following for You:

  1. Help Identify properties that best fit your needs and search criteria, then show you those properties.
  2. Help you analyze not only the current and likely future market value of the property, but also the value to you in terms of neighborhoods, schools, driving distances, parks, shopping and so on.
  3. Negotiate on your behalf and in always in your very best interest.
  4. Provide you with assistance and guidance with mortgages, insurance, warranties, inspections and repairs.
  5. Schedule all activities necessary and meet all legal and regulatory requirements to achieve a successful closing.

The Buyer’s Agent’s objective is to perform all of these and many more activities with professionalism, taking the burden off of you the buyer and provide an easy purchasing process, helping you to make the right home purchase at the right price.