Bobbi DillonAMEC
Senior Loan Officer
American Mortgage & Equity Consultants.
NMLS ID# 501953
Company NMLS ID# 150953
Branch NMLS ID# 379107

Bobbi has worked in mortgage banking for 16 years and is a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc. which allows her to offer many different loan programs including MN Housing, FHA 203K’s and HomePath Renovation loans. Bobbi is a business professional who treats customers the way she would like to be treated: with honesty, respect and genuine concern. Working in this way she has created raving fans out of her customers and the people they refer to her.

You can contact via email or call her directly at 651-631-2122.

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FHA Mortgage Information
FHA lending limits in MINNESOTA and WISCONSIN inform home buyers how much FHA borrowing power they have in their area of the country. FHA loan limits vary based partly on the state and county in which the property is located. (

Some Advantages of FHA Loans
(Source:Elizabeth Weintraub)

  • FHA Loans Allow a Blemished Credit History
    • Low credit score, Bankruptcy or a Foreclosure will not automatically exclude you from loan approval.
  • FHA Loans Boast Competitive Rates & Terms
    • Rates vary very little, making them comparable to conventional loans.
    • Down payments call be a little at 3.5% or less or the purchase price.
  • FHA Loans demand fewer repairs
    • Today’s FHA repair requirements are much less stringent making it easier for a seller’s home to qualify for the buyer’s FHA loan.

Please view below and visit Here for more detailed information on FHA loans.

FHA Loan Limits
FHA mortgage limits vary by area. Please see below for mortgage limitations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI (MSA) (Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne, Washington & Wright Counties in MN, Pierce & St. Croix Counties, WI)
Single Family     Duplex         Tri-plex       Four-plex
$365,000            $467,250     $564,800     $701,900

All other Minnesota Counties (Including Dodge, Olmsted, Wabasha, Goodhue)
Single Family     Duplex         Tri-plex       Four-plex
$271,050             $347,000     $419,400     $521,500

Wisconsin (Columbia, Dane, Iowa & Racine Counties)
Single Family     Duplex         Tri-plex       Four-plex
$293,750            $376,050     $454,550      $564,900

Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington & Waukesha Counties)
Single Family     Duplex         Tri-plex       Four-plex
$315,000             $403,250     $487,450     $605,750

Wisconsin (Kenosha County)
Single Family     Duplex         Tri-plex       Four-plex
$410,000             $524,850     $634,450    $788,450

All other Wisconsin Counties
Single Family     Duplex         Tri-plex       Four-plex
$271,050              $347,000    $419,400     $521,250

Financing Types

Not all properties qualify for FHA Financing. Therefore, you should check the insurability status and alert your lender before placing a bid.

The financing classifications for every HUD owned property are as follows:

IN (Insurable) – these properties qualify for FHA 203(b) financing and have no obvious Minimum Property Standard (MPS) repairs. These properties may also qualify for 203(k) financing, a rehabilitation loan for owner occupants only.

IE (Insurable with Escrow) – these properties qualify for FHA 203(b) with Repair Escrow, and have MPS repairs totaling less than $5,000. The repair escrow is the buyer’s financial responsibility, never a credit to the buyer. The lender holds the repair escrow money until completed (which must be within 90 days after closing) and is responsible for disbursing the funds to the appropriate parties. The escrow repair amount only applies to FHA 203(b) financing. These properties may also qualify for 203(k) financing.

UI (Uninsurable) – these properties do not qualify for FHA 203(b) financing. Typically these properties have MPS repairs ex‐ ceeding $5,000 or may not meet other guidelines for FHA financing.

Additional Loan limitation information can be found at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development website located Here.